About Me

Simply put: I'm a builder. I love taking ideas (mine or yours!) and working the details, figuring it out, finding the edge cases, making the plan and ultimately making it come to life.

I also love Godzilla movies, Star Wars, craft beer, obscure punk bands, Boston Terriers, Oxford commas, and retro game consoles.

Proprieter of Arcade Supply Co.

E m a i l M e R e s u m e


Arena Stats for Halo 5

iOS App, Swift, API, Xbox

"Arena Stats for Halo 5" puts all of your Halo 5: Guardians game play statistics in the palm of your hand!

An iOS app (both phone and tablet) for displaying player and match statistics for the popular Xbox game, Halo 5. Written in Swift and data driven by Microsoft's Halo API.

Arcade Supply Company

E-commerce, Laravel, php 7, Stripe API

E-commerce web site for retro video game console parts, electronic components, arcade cabinet replacement pieces.

Built from the ground up using Laravel and integrates with the Stripe API for payment processing.

Booger Fly

iOS Game, Swift, Objective-C, SpriteKit, GameCenter

A favorite pastime for many, now a mobile arcade game. Flick those magic nose-goblins and score big points! Challenge your friends and see who can hit the bullseye!

Originally written in Objective-C but later ported to Swift 2. Booger Fly is a simple game built using the 2D SpriteKit engine but from a 3D perspective.


Docker, Bootstrap, Laravel 7, REST API, Vue

Web app for video game collectors, hobbyists, and obsessive completionists. A work in progress with an end goal of an socially-focused, e-commerce marketplace where colelctors can buy, sell, and trade.

What's next?

Web, mobile, mystery app

I always have side projects. Some never make it passed the idea stage, others see through to completion.

Stay tuned to see what's up next!